Napoli T-shirt Cake

Napoli T-shirt Cake

This tutorial is for how to create a T-shirt shaped cake. The decorations are up to you and you don’t have to use fondant, you can use cake cream or any other kind of icing. Needless to say that this cake can be customized for any sports team, the key is in the details. It is not necessary to reproduce all the details, but make sure you put on the important ones.

Napoli T-shirt Cake Tutorial

I recommend you make a “real size” sketch of the cake so you have an idea how big it is going to be and also, so you can adjust proportions.

After that, create templates for the sleeves, for example. This way you can make sure to cut them all the same size and shape. A baking paper template is perfect.

Napoli T-shirt Cake Tutorial

Napoli T-shirt Cake Tutorial

Assemble the cake layer by layer, keeping the T-shirt shape.

If you are going to use fondant you need to cover the cake on the outside with frosting. Remember that you can use frosting to cover little cracks or bumps, giving the cake a smooth surface. You can see the difference in the two pictures below. In the first one, the cake is frosted, but in the second one, you can see a smooth surface. This is important because the smoother the cake is, the smoother it will look with the fondant on.

Napoli T-shirt Cake Tutorial

Napoli T-shirt Cake Tutorial

Make sure the frosting is set (and hard) before you put fondant on.

Napoli T-shirt Cake Tutorial

In order to make the logos and other details, and since there are no cutters for everything, you have to improvise. Make some out of paper and cut pieces of fondant out on the desired shapes. Now this can be a bit trickier than it seems. Roll the fondant and let it “dry” for a minute or two, then, very gently start cutting the shapes out. The reason we do this is because soft fondant is hard to cut and it would tear the shapes.

Napoli T-shirt Cake Tutorial

Napoli T-shirt Cake Tutorial

Let the decorations dry until they are ready to be put on the cake.

Napoli T-shirt Cake

As for covering the cake in fondant, well, next time I do a T-shirt cake I will make a tutorial about it. I tried to cover it with one piece of fondant and that didn’t turn out well. You can see under the sleeves I tried to repair the gaps. My suggestion is to cover the body first and then the sleeves giving the T-shirt a sporty look. I will definitely do so next time.

Napoli T-shirt Cake

I am very pleased to add this T-shirt cake to my “cakes for boys” collection. :) It made a Napoli football team fan very happy. Here are some pictures with the details.

Did you make a similar cake? Or you have more questions about it? Go ahead and leave a comment. This is a place where we can discuss different techniques, material or any other topic that might interest you. I will be happy to hear your opinions and ideas, as well as questions.

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  1. tdfs fdef says:

    Ηello colleagues, hhow is all, and what you would like to say on the topic of this artiϲle, in myy view its in fact amaƶing for me.

  2. Claudia says:

    Just wanted you to know that of all, I mean ALL the t shirt sites, yours was the only one that got me through!!! Thank you so much!!!

  3. caeol says:

    I’ve made it & I used fondant for decoration & T shirt pan for baking

  4. Salvatore says:

    I’m making this exact cake for my son and was wondering how did you make the fondant?

    • My Baking Diary says:

      Hi Salvatore.

      I normally buy the fondant I use, I don’t make it myself.

      Good luck with the cake for your son :)

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